after market cdi boxes,yzf 450

has anyone experienced cdi problems? if so did you replace it with the stock or buy a aftermarket box?i have done all the checks in the manual and everthing is has to be my bike has a slight miss when you hold a steady throttle at any rpm,i have had it a few months and it has always done this.

If the jetting is rich it will do this. How often are you at a steady throttle position anyway?

Several Guys Have Told Me It May Be Rich.i Have Moved The Main Up And Down,the Needle Up And Down And The Pilot.nothing Will Take This Out.if I Leave The Tps Unhooked It Helps It A Bunch.the Tps ,coils All Check Out Ok.

I Have A Yfz450 And Have Never Had Problems With It. This Is The First Four Stroke I Have Worked I Am Sssssssstupid.these Are Not As Easy As Two Strokes..may Be The Stock Air Filter And Box May Not Be Supplying Enough Air??

if all else fails,i have a ignition off my 05 (replaced w/vortex) that has hardly any time on it. i'll give it to ya for half its oem replacement cost :thumbsup: that is if it'll fit????

I have an oem cdi off a 04 450 you can have for 70 bucks shipped if you would like. I got the rev box and it honestly doesnt do anything for power, and I never end up needing the overrev anyway.

more intriguing than the thread is ....How Does He Make An Entire Post Where All The Words Start With Capital Letters? :thumbsup:

Have you looked at the needle for wear?Or just try a new needle,same needle just new?

the bike is was a leftover 04.i have only put about 7 tanks of fuel through it. ????????????

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