06 Yzf450

Does the 450 have a oil window like the honda and Kawasaki to show the level of the oil?

Nope. It has a dipstick. :thumbsup:

Dubach make a plug that replaces the neutral switch that has a window but I don't think you can use it to measure oil level, just oil condition.

Remember that the YZF's are dry sump engines.

They have a dipstick and an oil height plug that is located in front of the neutral switch. Why the need for both is beyond me.

The oil height plug is there to correct overfills. In a dry sump engine, the oil level in the crankcase will not change one way or another when the amount of oil in the system changes unless it either runs out of oil, or is filled with so much that it won't all fit in the tank.

Before you say, "what tank?", the place where the dip stick goes is a separate volume, isolated from the rest of the engine, and is the oil reservoir, or tank. Oil is drawn from there by the feed pump, and pressure fed to the crank, top end, and trans. The oil draining back from there is picked up by a second, faster oil pump through a screen in the crankcase and returned to the tank, leaving the sump more or less dry at all times, thus the name, "Dry Sump".

As I said, the oil level in the crankcases during normal operation is fairly constant regardless off the amount of oil in the system. But if there is too much, the oil will run back down the return line, the tank end of which is at a high point in the tank, when the engine is shut down. If there is a lot too much, the oil will not all fit in the tank, and the oil being returned will force other oil out of the tank through the oil tank vent line that runs down the right side of the engine. This extra oil can be drained away through the oil height plug you mentioned. The procedure is in the manual.

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