Anyone ever seen tank cover like this

i've got a black one comming in a couple of days from that guy. I put new stickers on the bike when i got it last fall and they are already yellowing. i even brought the tank in during the winter months.

I like the Woody seat cover, think it would look cool on my L...hmmmm

Im pretty sure the tank cover wouldnt ever fit a clarke 4.0, but the seat cover is tight.

Sorry to say they look very simular in construction to a CEET ATC tank cover I won.

Gets a :ride: for the fit (too many wrinkles) and the straps are too thin + one of the 4 straps there is :thumbsup: no possible way to even snap it. Once you put cover on there is NO possible way to sneak it thru the framing to snap it and the snap was centered so the two ends came together in the worse location.

I'd highly reccomend NOT to purchase one but then I'm sure some fit better then others but I do remember seeing one on another type ATC and that fit like crap too.

If the 1st one is totally strected on, you can see already that it does not conform to the tank right and it will only get worse I bet. See how thin the strap is too.

Yeah i think you are right.. I ride pretty hard and hit lots a brush and branches... That thing would get ripped off in the first ride...Easier and cheaper to run nothing or just get decals..

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