Another Vermont Registration question??


As I understand you have to send Vermont your original Mfr. certificate of origin along with your bill of sale to receive registration and plates. I checked my mfr. certificate of origin this evening and noticed that there was a statement on it as follows: " This vehicle was not manufactured for use on public streets, roads or highways. Such use is prohibited by law" Does anyone else have such a statement on their mfr. certificate of origin when they applied for Vermont registration?? If so I assume there were no issues that caused Vermont not to register their WR426FP. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. :)


My bike was registered as an atv in NY and NY kept my certificate of orgin. and title. They gave me an ownership transferable reg. card. On the card it stated that, "It is illeagle to operate this vehicle on any public highway". I sent that along w/a copy of my bill of sale to VT, which showed that the taxes were paid on the bike. I also had to send a vin verification letter.

Three weeks later I got my plate. I would give it a shot and send it in. VT is big on state's rights and does things there own way.

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