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Myself and a couple of friends are riding what most call the Labrador Loop. We live in Cape Breton N.S. and are taking the Ferry from North Sydney to Port Aux Basque Nfld. Riding up to Deerlake and then riding the Viking Trail to St. Barbe. Cross over to Blanc Sablon, Que. by ferry and travel north to Cartwright Lab. Still have to take the ferry from Cartwright to Goose Bay Lab. as the road will not be finnished till 09 now, money went missing. I wonder where it went. Once in Goose Bay Lab., we will ride west over to Churchill Falls and then on to Labrador City and then into Quebec. Once there we will travel the 389 south passing the Manicougan Reservior and the Manicougan Damns all the way to Bae Comeau Que. Cross over to Matane Que. on the last ferry and on to Campbellton N.B. We will ride the shore line around to Nova Scotia and continue the shore line back into Cape Breton N.S.

We are leaving on the 17th Aug and looking at 14+ days as we plan to do some exploring in some of the towns and areas we pass through. I will be riding my XR650R and my friends are riding XT600E and a XT600 TENERE. Looking at covering about 7000kms total and about 2500 of them on dirt and gravel roads. We are camping all the way unless it is raining hard. I can hardly wait. We ride everyday between 200-400 kms so this should be a great ride. My BRP should reach 100,000kms somewhere around Lab City and there will be a big party that night.


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Well the trip was awsome. We made it safe and sound as planned camping and cooking all the way, trying to spend no more then $50.00 a day except for the days we had to take the ferries. Left as planned on the 17th from Cape Breton and landed on the 18th at 05:30 Port Aux Basque,NL. Rode up to Deerlake and then turned onto the Viking Trail. First sightseeing stop was Gros Morne National Park. It is beautiful. Headed up the coastline all the way to St. Anthony where we went to see the Viking Village which people actually live and work like they did back then.

We headed back to St. Barbe the next day to get the ferry over to Blanc Sablon Que. It is a baron place as we headed north to Red Bay and the end of pavement. It was the last we would see pavement, except for the small amount it the bigger towns for the next 1300kms. We rode with one guy out in front and the other two side by side a few minutes back, because of dust, so if one person had trouble he would not be left alone. It was getting dark so we looked for a place to set up the tents. We spent our first night in Labrador just outside Port Hope Simpson along the river and as we found out was a great spot for the locals to come and watch the many bear in the area. Kids also tried to steal our bikes that night.

The next day we had noticed something on our way back to the main road. It was the reason for the many bear. It was that dark on the way in we rode right by a dump and didn't see it. Know better next time. We found ourselves in Cartwright around 13:00 and had some time to pick up supplies while waiting for the ferry to take us to Goose Bay, a 12hr sail away.

Had a great sail and landed in Happy Vally Goose Bay at 09:00. Took a short ride through town and headed out across the wilderness in search of Churchill Falls. About 25 kms from Churchill Falls Terry on the XT600E ran out of fuel. Winmac on the TENERE with the 28L tank fixed him up. We had a great tour of the Churchill Falls damn and power station. Amazing. Set tents up in the sand at the lake in town.

Woke to 3 degrees and wolf tracks in the sand around the tents. Had to fix Terry's bike The two carbs were opening right away. The second carb should open 5-7mm after the first one, so they say. If anyone was to run out of fuel, it should have been me. I only have a 16.5L tank to their 18L and 28L. Anyway, it was fixed and we were one our way west again heading to Lab City. It started to rain heavy about 20 minutes later and we rode for the next 250kms in heavy rain and mud. When we got to Lab City we needed a laundry matt to do some needed laundry. After that we set up for the night.

Woke to sun and a beautiful day. Rode around Labrador City for awhile and then headed out to see the Wabush Iron ore mine and onto one of the most exciting roads of the trip. The 389 in Que. It is still gravel for the next 500kms but with tight turns and hills and dips at the same time which was awsome for sliding around while climbing or descending. AWSOME. We rode till pavement at Manic 5 damn and tried to get a tour but we were to late so we rode for another 190kms to Manic 2 damn and the first of the campgrounds since NL. 690kms that day and because of the road it only felt like 200. Did I say AWSOME.

Got up this morning and took tour of Manic 2 damn and headed to Bae Comeau and the last ferry ride of trip over to Matane Que. When we landed 2hrs 30 mins later we headed straight over to Campbellton NB and spent the night at Sugarloaf National Park, beautiful. The plan from here was to ride the coastline to NS.

We spent the next 3 days in NB riding along the coast because the speed limit was between 60-70kph, but well worth it. Great sights. Once we were into NS we continued the coastline for another two days back to Cape Breton and home.

It was an awsome trip. We did what we planned and were able to stay within $50.00 a day.

Some things to think about,

There are no campgrounds from the time you leave NL till you get to Manic 2 damn. It is set up with B&B's and Hotels. Pull-off areas for big rigs. This is one of the reasons we wanted to do it with tents and cooking our own meals. Just to see if we could do it.

They only have Reg Gas in alot of places up there, so if you need high octane, you need to carry boost like I did.

Showers can be found at the gym in the larger towns for a $4.00 day pass. Sounds like alot of money for a shower, but if you ain't had one in 2 days of dust, it is worth every penny.

We had alot of fun roughing it and I will go back again when the road from Cartwright to Goose Bay is finnished in 09 that will get rid of the 12hr sail. Can't wait. I would recommend this trip to everyone who can take it. Awsome and just beautiful. What a country.

Oh, and yes my BRP has over 100,000kms on her now and I own them all. :thumbsup:

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