crankshaft bearing??

Ok so i seized my crankshaft a few nights ago in practice :ride: not sure how it happend but I guess ill find out once I completly split the case...

But my question is im ordering parts right now and I know I need new main bearings but im not sure which ones thouse are on the oem parts diagram if someone could give me the part numbers that would be awsome...and also has anyone else had this problem or know why it happend cuz the bike had fresh oil the lvl was correct its a freak deal idk iv had it for 8 months bought it brand new gets quite a few hard hours ever week and racing on the weekends (intermidiate class) so the bike is riddin pretty hard alot but it seems a little odd for the crank to lock up the way it did it will move back and forth about 80% the whole motor is full of metal shavings ideas?? :thumbsup:

ya thats where i was lookin but theres like 3 bearing and im not sure which 2 are the crankshaft ones

ok someone please help

i would have to say 16 and 17

ya thats what i figured thanks man

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