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KLX 110 Shifting Problem

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I installed a Classic Honda shift star on my 110 recently. Saturday night at a local race I was having a hard time shiftin. Here i had bent my shift lever in a little bit and it was hitting the ignition cover not alowing it to shift up... So i bent that back straight. But now it keeps poping out of gear on me... the shift lever feels kind of "loose" I took the clutch cover off to see if the spring that pulls the "LEVER-CHANGE,PEDAL" back into place fell off but didn't... Can those springs go bad? With the clutch cover off i watch the "lever change pedal" it will put it into 1st gear but it won't come back, it kind of hangs up but then if i try and shift into 2 it wont grab the pin on the shift star Any ideas what could be wrong? :thumbsup:

Any help would be great




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