New Memb/rider XR650R opinions

Hey Guys,

I wasn't sure how to title this thread so sorry. I bought a 2000xr650r about 3 weeks ago. It was in the shop for about 2. I wanted to make sure that before I ride it, all is up to snuff. It felt like it was running way to rich. The previos owner was in a process of turning it into a motard. he put on it the street legal crap, an Edelbrock carb, fmf pipe. I'm just looking for Motard wheels.

Today I had a chance to ride it a bit, both on and off road. My first impressions:

The bike pull great but when I hit about 110-120 km/h (under accelaration) I get into a nasty woble. If I gently speed up then it stays civil but not too stable.

I spent the last 12 years riding sportbikes so I was not expecting it. It certainly made my ass pucker.

Next, the comfort on this thing is, well, lets just say I feel like I have hemarroids.

Off road, it was a lot lighter then I thought, I must say that I enjoyed it. The fun ended when I stalled it and then took 1/2 hour trying to start it again. Damn, I needed an electric start there. :thumbsup:

I have a oversize front brake rotor (not the 320)with original lines so the braking wasn't too great.

Last, the wheelies are fun but I can't get a hang of them. I used to get my gixxer 1100 from 80 km/h to 220 km/h on one wheel but I can't balance this thing. Is it because its so light?

Summary of my impression:

-Wobbly and unstable (I noticed the forks are about 1 inch too high from the tripples, that might affect stability)


-fun off road on trails

-brakes suck

-usable power

-wheelie monster

-cool sounding/looking bike

-lots of potential

Drop the forks till there's only about a 1/4'' above the tripple clamps. Set the sag , and most of the wobble should be gone.

Standard fork position is such that the fork caps are all that sticks out of the clamps, this is what I run dirt and SM. With dirt wheels it will be VERY stable at speed. With 17" SM wheels, the front is already dropped down more than the rear and it will be a bit more twitchy. However, I never had a problem at speed with SM wheels, EXCEPT when I'm coming to a stop, the front end tries to wobble below 5mph when on the brakes. Put the forks back down and enjoy...

As for wheelies and stuff, this is NOT a street bike or crotch rocket. It is TALL and has a much higher center of gravity. Yes, the brakes suck on the street. Even an oversized rotor won't help much. You will need to go with a 4 pot caliper and matching master cylinder with a 320mm rotor and braided brake lines.

If you want comfort, send your seat off to and have him make you a seat. Or you can buy some tall/soft foam for the stock seat...

By the way, you need to learn the starting technique. Don't just kick it.

slowly run the kickstarter though until you reach TDC, you will feel the resistance.

Bring your leg back up and then get a little hop and kick all the way through.

DO NOT USE THE THROTTLE until after the bike is running.

If you flood it out;

Fuel off, kill switch off

wide open throttle

manual compression release held in (by clutch)

easily kick through ~10 times to clear the cylinder.

Start normally...

Thanks guys for the info. After my 1/2 problem of not being able to start it, a fellow rider showed me the proper way. It seems that what I was doing was going to the top of the kick start, pulling in the decomp switch,letting go and then kicking. NOw I know that after the decomp press I have to let the kick stand to come up all the way.

Another problem I encountered was that I have a constant coolant dripping. I'm not sure if its over heating, and I don't know what is normal for overflow "drip". When I stop in traffic, there is enough coolant coming out to actually form "smoke" or steam. It is not bubbling out in large quantities just a drip ever 2 seconds or so. Is that normal?

I read a bit about the thremostat problems with these bikes so I hope it is not stuck in closed position,but then wouln't there be a massive amount of coolant coming out?

its real easy to check the t-stat.

re the front end shake, check your steering bearings. I have seen 2 ( and on the I-net a lot more) with crapped out streering head bearings. due to the gopher jizz they use instead of grease. while your at it, do the swingarm ( you dont want it stuck , it goes through the engine) and r linkage, if they past owner didnt grease it you will be buying bearings.

I cant give advice on wheelies, bugger.

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