XR600 and other XRs CDI on Ebay

:thumbsup: just bought a new one last week mine cooked.

That is a killer price has anybody got any experience with them?

I hear they work but I'd keep my stock one under the seat for safetys sake.

I would imagine that they work. However, I see two possible issues. The advance is most likely different. Will that cause a problem, who knows. If it advances too fast (or far) the bike may ping. If too slow (or not far enough) the bike may lack some power. The other issue is the rev limiter. The stock CDI is different for each bike. The XR600 CDI limits the revs to about 7500 or so. The smaller displacement bikes have higher limits. I doubt that this unit limits at 7500 rpm. I'd guess it 10000 or higher is it has a limit at all. If you use it, you become the rev limiter.

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