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I'll 2nd that! Lubrication of the muffler is essential before the ride, but be careful you don't overlube, as too much fanny grease will force blowback causing lack of friction on the thrust shaft and unnecessary "popping" sounds. This lack of friction can cause severe fatigue and shortened breathe on the rider, forcing him to dismount and cast aside his ride in total disgust at the lack of satisfaction given to him by his once trusted mare :applause:

Myself i tend to use KaYaba Juice for lubing the Muffler, in most parts it's better known as KY Jelly. It can be purchased in many outlets but large quantities are known to be found in most Drugstores... DRUGS!!!!!! :applause: Somebody mention DRUGS!!!!??? :applause::ride: pass that funny fag along then!!!!! :thumbsup:

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