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TT Endurance Speedo ...Dead!!

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Hey, I have installed the TT speedo on my Pig and 3 weeks later it is dead. Since, I mounted it in the billet case I could not remove it when not in use. I checked the battery and it still measures 3.06v. When I hit the mode button everthing lights up for about a second the dissapears. My first thoughts are the battery is too low, maybe it should be around 3.4v? The only other thing I can think is that when washing the bike it got too wet. It is suppose to be able to tolerate a little spray, right? I guess I could have soaked it by accident, but it doesn't act like the board got wet. Any ideas would be great. I am going to take it back to the dealer where I bought it if a new battery doesn't do the trick. Let you know what happens. :thumbsup:

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