DS lighting questions.

Couple things I'm interested in looking into. #1-I have limited knowledge & no experience with LEDs. I understand they produce bright, visible light with less wattage than standard incandescent bulbs. Are replacement LED units made to replace standard bulbs or are further mods necessary? I have a BD DSK with the standard signal setup. I would like to simply use my standard signal setup with LEDs in them if possible. The stock setup ain't all that visible during the day with the standard bulbs in place. #2-I'm planning on purchasing the BD LED tail light/lic. plate mount setup which goes under the fender. Is it designed to be used in conjunction with the stock tail light or just by itself. I'd like to run both for maximum visibility but don't want to draw too many amps. All is well if I can run LEDs in the stock tail light lens with their decreased power requirement (I'm assuming).

The tail light is no issue. I bought just the BD clear tail light (no fender extension mount) and made my own taillight mounting bracket/license plate mount. Just plug it in and go.

Just for the heck of it, I pulled the bulb from the original BD brake/tail light and crammed it into the small stock tail/running light that's on the 650R's fender and wired it in also. Be warned, it's too big, and the heat will melt a small dimple into the plastic lense. There are slicker ways (LED's) of turning the 650R's tail light into a brake light, but this is what my lazy arse did. Now, I have the BD LED brake light AND the stock fender light converted to a brake light.

As for the turn signals, you will need a new relay flasher unit that will drive LED's, BD sells them and you can find them on Ebay etc... In my experience though, most all aftermarket LED turnsignals are NOT DOT, and they are of lower quality than the standard BD turnsignals. Expect dirt and water to get into the LED turnsignals, mine did anyway.

One other thing, you CAN use LED turnsignals with the standard BD flasher unit ONLY IF you use 2 of the standard turn signals. Yes, it looks like arse, but I've got the small LED turns on the rear, and the larger standard BD turn signals up front. It all works just fine on the standard BD relay flasher. As an added bonus, the LED's are REALLY BRIGHT. In reality they are getting too much current, so life expectancy will suffer, but this is what I'm using right now.

Ultimately, when my current LED turns trash out, I'll go back to standard turns. I do too much wet/muddy off roading and my experience with LED turns hasn't been good in terms of water resistance. Your mileage will vary though...

How is the stator rewind holding up? Is it giving enough juice?

Sorry, I didn't see about you just replacing the bulbs. I think that is possible, but you will still have to swap the flasher unit for an LED compatible one...

As for the tail light, look at this one. This is what I would buy if I needed a new one...


It can be done easily but you'd have to match your new LED bulbs for your flashers to a suitable flashing relay as the existing flashing relay wont work unless the total wattage of the bulbs matches the relay's electrical switching requirement

e.g. say its a 40W relay and your bulbs are 10W each Multiplied by 4 = 40W Relay

My BD DSK tail light LED's work without the original tail light

HTH :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the input. Snaggle, you've changed my mind about which tail light to buy, that is if it's price is similar to the BD one. By the way the stator is working great. The battery seems to pretty much be toast. I have double checked the connectors to ensure good contact for flow to/from the battery but it just is not taking a full charge. I'm not all that hot to replace it yet because the stator output is sufficient to operate everything and it does take enough of a charge to at least run the flashers for a little while with the engine off. I have not yet installed the handwarmers yet so no news there.

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