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Knobby Questions

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First of all if this is in the wrong area, I'm sorry.

I've got an '84 Suzuki DR125 Road/Trail bike that seriously needs to be upgraded to something better. I'm running really chunky DOT approved knobbies, and use the bike mostly commuting around on the streets. I was wondering, apart from the obvious handling characteristics of running knobbies on the road ($hithou$e), does running knobbies on the road increase rolling resistance reducing top speed in any way? Against wind, sometimes it's hard to get it over 44mph (70kph). I understand being a 125 four stroke it's not expected to go fast at all. However I can't helpt but wonder that these knobbies are holding back about 7-15 mph. At about 50mph (80kph) the shaking is just ridiculous, but it also revs high as the gearing is ridiculous for the road, I usually go through all 5 gears before I hit 38 mph (60kph)

I'll most likely wanna get a 2000 XR250 for 50/50 road/dirt riding soon. Possibly slightly more for the road. But I'll be stuck with this for another couple of months. So whats the verdict? Knobbies slow you down? And by how much if true?

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