Valve guide rebuild

Hey guys,

I work on my own bike for routine maintenance and thought I was doing good. Then my bike started smoking like it was burning oil (blue smoke):ride: This would happen especially after doing a few wheelies. Took my '04 XR650L to the shop and they said I had one valve that had to be adjusted and now I need the valve guides redone b/c the bike failed a leak down test in the spark plug hole. They also did a compression test and it passed. It could be worse, at least the compression is good.

My question is what caused this :thumbsup: I don't want it to happen to me again. I know someone on TT has the answer :applause:


Oil starvation caused the brunt valve.

Long wheelies will starve the oil pickup and cause a lose of oil pressure to the head. Which valve was it?

I am not sure I would trust a regular shop to fix this problem. Send the head to Engine Dynamics, they will fix it correctly. The valve seats need to be recut when the valve guides are replaced.


I think it was the right exhaust valve. They did tell me the head was sent off to the machine shop. MGS thanks for the info!

So I guess wheelies are ok just don't ride 'em for too long I'm selling my bike :thumbsup:


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