Stator Mod for a Dual Sport Kit

Hi Guys:

To all those dual sporters out there, how hard is it to do the stator modification? I have an 06 WR450 and have the rest of the kit done but am considering taking it in for the stator mod; problem is the nearest dealers have never done one themselves and look at me like I'm crazy when talking about it. The instructions scare you a bit saying you shouldn't progress unless you know what you're doing; any suggestions?

Cheers, Dave

Not sure why you need a stator mod? My WR450 came with a headlight and tail light. That's all that is on during normal operation. Occasionally you hit the horn, occasionally you turn on a turn signal. Why would you need to modify the stator for this?

It is baffling to me that the dual sport kit manufacturers make everyone modify their stators to get their kits to work. IMO, it is unnecessary and basically forces the uninformed (no offense meant to anyone here) to continue to purchase their products in perpetuity. The only reason to modify the stator is to force you to use their rectifier/regulators which they sell for inflated prices. I burned out 3 Baja Designs R/Rs before I said "F- it" and built my own kit for just a few bucks. If you want to read more about my efforts, go here:

I'll get off my soapbox and answer your question. Is it hard to do? No. As long as you have the detailed instructions from the kit maker and as long as you have all the connectors, epoxy, and wires, it isn't difficult. No shop wants to do it for you because they don't want to take responsibility for messing it up- these things are not part of regular maintenance on these bikes. Usually, if a stator goes out, they just put a new one in.

Thanks for the info guys, that's awesome. However I pretty much have the whole kit installed except for the stator mod; can I use the stock R/R and not do the stator work? my concern would be that the lights now bypass the stock wiring harness (I think) and are now going thru the B Designs one, which would kill the battery as it only gets enough juice to charge for the e-start.

This wiring stuff is over my head, should have stuck to the dirt!


My '03 WR is wired with the stock regulator. I have the tail light/horn/brake light & turn signals running off the DC circuit and the headlight off the AC side. PM me with an email address if you want a copy of the schematic.

Stator mod is not hard at all. Cut the tab and solder the wire. The trick is to cut the right tab or you will be soldering 2 wires. Be careful and do not damage any of the wires. Just go slow.

Again Stator mod is not hard, i done my 06 a while back, had a bit of trouble getting one of the torx head screws out inside the stator assembly though. Follow the instructions and with a few tools it's not hard to do. The reason they do this, is not for money, it's for LAW. they must have the headlight come on and stay on with the key on even if the engine stalls out. the way they are wired from factory won't allow this, so they run everything off the battery through an ignition switch and route all the stators power now to charge the battery which runs all the accessories....

There's no law that says you have to modify the stator to have the lights able to come on if the engine isn't running.

I was told that here in NL that the headlight and tailight/brakelight has to have the ability of remaining on for 5 minutes after the engine dies for safety reasons like i ncase you stall out your engine at night, you would be in big trouble with no headlight and someone can rear end you if they done see a tail/brake light.......

Actually I think it varies from state to state. Here in CA only the taillight has to stay on (for 15 minutes) so running the headlight of AC is no problem. I believe Trick has an option that operates the headlight off AC when the engine is running and switches to DC when it stops if having the light stay on is required. Running the headlight off of DC works but it puts a big load on the regulator. If the regulator is not mounted to an adequate heat sink (which in many BD installs is the case) the result can be a blown regulator.

No doubt laws vary quiet alot.....if you can keep it on AC and run a dimmer switch and indicator on that the sure go for it, if you have it wired and ready to work needing it modded, just go ahead and mod it.

Do you think it is possible to take the Baja Designs kit and modify it so that you don't have to do the stator mod. I don't like the idea of my bike being without power all together. I realize I could build my own kit, but lets say the kit is already here. The 06 already has a dc system for the starter so it would seem that a stator modification would be redundant....

Do you think it is possible to take the Baja Designs kit and modify it so that you don't have to do the stator mod....

Basically the BD kit uses the same components so yes it is possible. For sure you would have to modify the wiring harness or make your own. Here's a schematic of how my '03 is wired.


The stator in it´s oem form makes certain amount Watts for AC and another amount of Watts for DC, only the DC windings go to the battery through the rectifier.

The mod is about to make one bigger winding where all Watts are turned into DC.

There for you will have more powerful charging system when you are not using the lights and are able to put in HID lights if you like.

Usually it is recommended to have a bigger rectifier after the mod so that you do not burn the small oem one.

Lots of great advice! Do you guys think this will work:

-put stock regulator back in

-unplug headlight from Baja kit and plug into stock connector; this way I lose my hi/low beam however I hate the idea of that Baja regulator failing 50 miles into a trail somewhere and my bike won't start!

-extra load on the DC circuit will be an LED tail light/brake light, and the occasional signal, horn, etc. Should be able to handle that?

Love the forum, just back into riding and now that I'm 40, my dad won't fix my bike anymore; you guys help a ton!


Yes I think that should work though I'm not familiar the BD harness so it's hard to be sure. You can add hi/lo beam by using a relay to switch the headlight filaments. Wire the relay coil to the hi beam lead of the handlebar switch. Take a look at the schematic I posted earlier.

I took my stator out and to the local dealer. Team Bozeman in Montana did mine wrong w/Baja designs instructions! I put it back in and figured I did it wrong. The waiting list at the shop was long so I took it to another mechanic I know. It cost me $150.00 for him to tell me it was wrong. I went back to the Dealer they fixed and told me to piss off when I asked them to split the other bill!

BTW- You will kill your Battery when you run your headlight if you don't do the stator mod. Good by magic button!

Even if I unplug the Baja Designs input and run the light off the original wiring (it's just sitting in there now unused); I would think the only DC draw would be the original speedo and e-start, and now a taillight and occasional brake light. signal, horn?

Cheers, Dave

that should work fine, you just lose one beam......with LED signal lights and tailights bulbs , they don't draw much power either.

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