Where did you get your Main Air Jets (Sudco?) and any stock numbers?

I want to start w/ a 180. Remember I am using a drilled out 200 [> 220(?)].

So far, I have had zero issues w/ my "JK" modified APJ.

i got mine over here in GB. i only mention the bike , sorry i don't even have to say that any more!

SUDCO must be a very big company because it seems nobody can get what they want without a part # etc.

ther'ye not expensive and the tests you carry out are the easiest in motorcycling.

reasonably tall gearing, listen to how it revs out in top. then go smaller, 200, 180, and then i went straight to 160. the answer may be 170 + -5 but i'm happy with it.

it should go straight to the max. if this is what happens you then lower the MJ and it will just spin across the clock so you can go down 10-15MJ.

you'll then find that the bike immediately pops back when you close the throttle so your needle will have to come up a clip or 1.5c.

finally this may have leaned even the pilot circuit very slightly. the good news is that by lifting the needle (and subsequently the taper start is early/richer) you've helped, but it doesn't mean it doesn't need a bit more juice.

in the end the bike will be 5mph faster, crisper, instantly responsive, rev like a mclaren.

then go back to your MX gearing.



Sudco 1-800-998-3529.

You don't need to mention your bike, just your carb and be sure you tell them you only need 1 of each component. They sell a lot of stuff to the superbike guys who they usually need stuff in groups of 4. All you have to tell them is that you want an xxxMJ/MAJ... for a given carb.


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