2002 WR426 front wheel/speedo assy

I want to run a Trail Tech or Endurance speedometer/odometer in place of the factory odometer. In removing the speedo gear drive box on the front axle, I see that the bearing has the dust cap built into the speedo drive box and not into the hub. How can I replace the the drive box with a simple spacer (like on a YZ) and also have a seal over the bearing. The side of the bearing race is flush with the edge of the rim, not leaving any area to install a dust seal. Any comments are appreciated.

You could probably knock the bearing out and either get the number on it or take it to a bearing shop and get a sealed bearing, like the rear bearings.

Take the cable and the ODO off, leave the drive gear assy on and use the cap Trailtech provides to cap the cable connection. This is the best option.

The old 400 front wheel had enuf shoulder on the hub that allowed you to just put a YZ seal on that side and then you could get a YZ spacer and it was all good. They changed the WR Hub after 2000 I guess :thumbsup:

I left the drive gear on and installed the trail tech cap. works great!

Sounds like I will keep the speedo drive hub in place until I purchase a new sealed bearing. I also will be making a custom spacer which will also act as a type of outer seal for the bearing. I am surprised that some of the aftermarket people are not already making this spacer.

Don't tempt me!!!!!!!

want pics?

No thanks, as I still enjoy my present bikes. Perhaps when FI arrives I'll have a change of heart!!

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