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KLX300 w/ FCR 35mm at altitiude

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I have a tricky one fo you guys.

Current Jetting is supposed to be good from sea level to 6500ft. I also have OBEMP, OBEJP, and OBEKR needles, if those can be of any use.

Current Jetting:

Pilot - 58

Needle - OCDVR

Main - 155

Fuel Screw - 2.5-3 out

Main Air Jet - 200

Pilot Air Jet - 1.5 to 1.75 out

Bike: 1997 KLX300R

Carb: FCR 35mm

Altitude: 9000-12000ft.

Temp: 60-70 degrees

Mods: full big gun system, no airbox lid, twin air filter, crank breather mod

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