xr650 not starting consistantly

I have a 98 xr 650 that i ride to school everyday. unfortunatley, it has become a real hassle because it wont start when i get out of class (it sits for about 8 hrs). however, in the morning when i come back to get it, it will crank right up. it is not everyday that it happens, but it is getting more and more common. is it a fuel system problem? seems like it happens more when it is hot outside.....i just dont know. if anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful. thanks. b.

Dirty Plug?

Do you turn the fuel off when you park it? If not it may be flooding.

Does she crank OK, but fail to catch, or crank slow?


It sounds like the coil defurber could be sticking. That could be really bad. :thumbsup:

Ive just fitted an nx 650 engine into my xr600 frame ive also fitted the xr600 carb what jetting and settings do i need to do to get her to start ok

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