IS My BD DSK Regulator Toasted?

Having just rewound my stator I am only getting 4 volts output from the regulator (Measured at the charge side that connects to the little battery) whereas there are 17 volts + now coming out of my Stator the battery will only hold the 55w headlamp bulb for less than 2 minutes

I presume i've fried the regulator! :thumbsup:

Am I correct in this thought?

Is it safe to just bypass the regulator?

Is there a load hooked up the the stator output?

I had a similar problem, 4+ V DC, turns out I had a partial short to ground in the handle bar switch unit that was dragging down the voltage.

I was also dumb enough not to use a fuse, so the regulator got very hot trying to deliver enough current.

Once I unplugged the switch unit the voltage jumped back up to where it should be, and I was able to trace down the short and fix it.

Using a fuse now btw, after realizing I could have set my bike on fire.

So anyway, try disconnecting everything and just measure the rectifier/regulator output to ground.


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