one more question

On the 06 450, How big of a pain is it to change the oil?

Not bad at all.

Approx a 30 min job.

Look in the manual for draining and filling instructions.

It requires removing the skid plate and 3 drain bolts, also the filter.


Compared to what? It's harder than some, but still only takes about 10-15 minutes. You need to run the engine first to distribute the oil, then drain the internal oil tank, then the crankcase, then change or clean the oil filter, depending on what kind you use, then refill it, start it, and verify the oil level. The most annoying part is you have to reposition the bike on its stand twice during the process, and you have to use an end wrench on the crankcase drain because a socket won't fit.

Piece of cake.

It requires removing the skid plate ...

Why? You using an aftermarket skid plate?

I can change my oil and filter in about 10 minutes. You remove the dipstick, cap, and their are 2 bolts, one on left, one on right, then you remove the oil filter bolts and cover, or if you're not changing the filter just remove the bottom filter bolt. You don't need to remove skid plate, but I like to to clean under there anyways...

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