What size bars on your 600 ?

i have Moose bars that measure about 32.5 inches from end to end. does anyone have shorter bars and how do you like them ? do they affect your ability to negotiate the 600's girth ? i was thinking the longer bars would help you with leverage in moving the beast and also should i street legal this bike in the future i'm sure wider bars are more comfortable/stable on the highway.

also how tilted do you position your bars ? is there an optimum angle for the elbow to be hangin at during normal riding conditions ?

promiscuous boy

I have always positioned my bars with the crossbar directly above the main bar/clamps, that wayt he grips and controls dont twist your wrists so much.As for lenght I'm using the stock 31 1/2" however if you plan on running tight trails/woods you should go shorter.32 inchesmay help you in the highway but may be a little wide when lane splitting.Anyway get the wider barsand in case you don't like them you still can cut them to lenght...

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