98 WR400 lights very dim

My wr400 has a baja design dual sport kit and has worked great for years will no real problems. The battery used to hold a charge for the first year, but hasn't for some time. Once running though, no problems other than dim at idle.

All of a sudden during a ride, all my lights are now very dim. :thumbsup: I checked the voltage and its at 4 volts at idle and around 6 at higher rpm (did this with battery removed which didn't seem to make a difference).

I tried going through the manual, but I'm not sure how valid they're trouble shooting is considering it's not stock. I checked the resistance of the lighting coil and it was an open circuit when it was supposed to be 0.24 to 0.36 ohms. I guess I need to buy a new lighting coil? Anyone had to do this? My original suspicion was the voltage regulator.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I hate to start replacing components without being sure of the problem.



Suggest calling Baja Designs, good customer service. Did you try to measure voltage with the engine running at fast idle? Should be about 14 VDC or so. If not suspect either the regulator or the stator output. Good luck.

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