Help me pick out some lites...

2000 XR600R. Plan on rewinding Stator anyways. Bike is plated, street legal (minus turn signals). I run this bike about 40% on road, 60% off road, unless I'm in a rush, then 100% highway for 14 miles down US98 in sunny FL. Somedays, I hang a right and go down the fire roads of Eglin AFB bomb range. This place is a blast if your bike is plated and you have a pass. It consists mainly of rough, sandy roads, and about every 1/4 mile, theres a mud hole, or huge "puddle" (read: pond) in the road that I get to kick the heels up and bomb thru. The sides are thick, dense FL forest, consisting or palmettos and scrub pine, all of which hurt like crap when hit. OK, now my question, I want to run a killer set of lights for my bike, and plan to get the helmet set up later. What would YOU run. Brighness and legality are key. I guess I would need a flood and a spot??? Would one be HID and the other plain old halogen? I'm too poor for Baja Designs $400-$1000 setups... Let me know, I looked in here for some old posts, but, the ones I ws into were too old (2003) and the pics wouldnt open up. Also, with the 200W stator...that SHOULD run my brake lite, or are we into AC/DC? I know, I know, I'll search...............thanks in advance...JL

well i kknow what you mean about the cost of a baja desings kit but all i did for a few weeks was put aside like 50-100 dollars untill i had teh 560 bucks total on my order along with the light kit i ordered a key switch thats ment for the kit, i know its expensive but its a bitchen setup and i glad i saved for months to get it.

I just put an 8" halogen on by XR650R and love it. There's a thread on 8 inchers a few pages back...

I found a set up for quads that MIGHT work (PIAA website). I think I just might get a BD setup. I suppose I could live with a bright lite for a while, dont do TOO much street riding at night...thanks for the help

That Is What I Wanted!!!! Dude, You Rock!!!!!! Beer's On Me...gotta Take Notes Now...thanks A S**tload!!!!!!!!


Found this one here Ricky Stator

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