read this its crazy help!!!!

i got my bike out of the garage i was messing with the airscrew i think it is. then i gave it gas and just putted slow around my front yard in first gear then i was like alright its seems to have alot of bottem end so i took off and it was real slow when the powerband was suppost to kick in so i gave eit more gas to see if it would go and it went brrrrrrrbrrrrrbrrrrr so i tried to keep it from stailing out with the gas and it just locked up the back wheel. so it wouldnt let my kickstart it so i put it in nuetral and pushed it dad took it apart because i didnt want to mess with it he told me the piston moves up and down i figured he meant up and down on the crank but he meant it moves in the head so its not seized. i took a look at it the oil its light grey and the crank wont move any ideas thanks for all the help

The bike is a 2002 yz125

This needs to be moved to the proper forum...SC

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