Very VERY cool XR.

The spare cable is an old school thing, just a spare in case one breaks. You don't see it much anymore these days cuz cables are such high quality, but it's for a big deal like Dakar and could you imagine having to remove all that tank and crap to reroute a cable? aargh....

Some interesting things IMO...

- A WER stabilizer rather than a Ohlins/Scotts considering the bike is Euro and so is Ohlins and the Ohlins would probably be more practical over there (except for the fit maybe).

- The drilled right side # plate, opposite of the usual.

- The air filter set up. I guess all the nuts have to be removed for a filter change. Looks like a PITA but with the amount of sand that bike would be in and the not so great sealing of the 650 filter I guess it makes sense.

- Pivot Pegs..... not so sure I'd use those in such an important event, I've seen those snap off.

- Both grips with cut-out ends. I guess since the bike will be laying in the sand a number of times it'll keep sand from getting trapped under the throttle tube.

- I wonder if that's a tool wrap under the header, not a spare tube. Hard to see in the pics if the bike has Mousses.

- The case saver is a cross between an SRC and something else with the end result basically being an XRs Only style guard.

- Oh no,,, a stock right peg mount...

- All those hoses must be gas lines into gas filters.

Very sweet. The nicest Rally XR650 I've seen, that's for sure.

off season?

off season here is when you have to hide inside for a few months to avoid serious frostbite

What fuel tank is that? I want it! Of course, I also want the pegs, rims, hubs, stabilizer, and so on. I will settle for the tank, though.

front is 6 gal Acerbis, and there's another 3.6 gal under the seat. The whole setup will cost you about $850 for 9.6 gallons

I would rather look at that bike than porn. :thumbsup:

I would rather look at that bike than porn. :thumbsup:

I guess that bike qualifies for the center fold.

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