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couple of smokin deals

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hahm motor sports in anaheim had a add in the cycle trader this week for a 06 250r

5000 otd and it was true my buddy rhino roof over in the 450 side picked one up for his kid he was going to go to LAhonda for a 05 for 5199 otd on saturday

when i seen the add two days before and told him. he kept calling me a liar till

he came over and i showed him the add he called and spoke to a sales pearson (TIFFANY) he didnt beleave her either, her reply was dont trip dude igot your back its adone deal!and it was.second deal was i been wanting to get a quad for my wife...i know!i also was going to go to LA HONDA for a 250ex 06 for 3699. otd ,i said what the heck lets call hahm,told em i wanted the bike an 06 for 3500 they said they didnt have any 06s so i said whats the price

otd on the 07 he wouldnt qoute a price over the phone, we all know how this works. i told ''rip the sales man all i have is 3500 he says let me call you back let me see what i can do. well after a a few calls back he said lets do it 3500

otd for the 07 see ya sunday! well thursday was rips last day. friday the store calls and says we cant do the deal,OK! NO WAY!any way rhino roof picked up his bike saturday told(TIFFANY) what happened, she said have the

stallion call me,so i did, after a couple of failed tries she calls back says their gonna do it, i need a deposit and i need you to come down to day BOW!!!!!

I GOT YOUR BACK BRO DONT TRIP!anyway rhino roof tells her i got a freind that wants a06 250 r she says send em down tell em to call me.she can proably do acouple more of these 250r deals plus the add in the trader has no expire date call (TIFFANY) 800 449 6551

let me know if any of you guys score.

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