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FCR First Ride Part 2

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The first part was about performance and my impressions. But i thought a new thread was needed to explain the OTHER part of the ride. I met up with my buddy (KTM 450) and we went on a 20 mile street ride. Five miles in i get pulled over for wheeling through an intersection. My bad, but the throttle response is just so great! The cop agreed and let me go with no ticket. We rode on and found some sweet twisties and then went back to his house. I left and head for home. Quick freeway portion and then side streets home. Well, i'm almost home and am dorking around with the throttle getting a feel for throttle and checking for flat spots and I get pulled over again! I guess I was speeding and did not know. Luckily he was cool too and even had a bike himself. I told him about Thumpertalk so maybe he will join up? Cool guy and no ticket. Two pull overs and no tickets. Lucky night. FCR = trouble! The best kind :thumbsup:

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