and THAT is why i bought a Honda! :ride:

I just rolled over 7,000 miles.

On my 76 XL250. I've been riding the balls off that thing lately.

and I have no idea how many miles are on my XR650R - based on all the bash marks, it's either a lot, or not much, but serious stuff :thumbsup:

Just installed a new Trailtech Vapor - it's 000000 miles as of today.

what type of use ? :thumbsup:

what type of use ? :thumbsup:

Who, me?

My 03 XR650L has just over 3800, I bought it 1.5yrs ago with 600mi. But dont get to ride as much as I like with 3 lil ones to raise and work etc. I dont commute on mine either but when gas gets to $5 a gallon... that will probably change real quick like.

I commute with mine everyday it isnt monsooning. In fact, i passed another L going in the opposite direction this am on my way in to work... I have never seen another L in my neck of the woods, just Zuke's & Yams and the occasional katoom.

Who was that masked L driver? Why isnt he/she on TT? :thumbsup:

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