Who is good at porting?

I'd like to do some mild porting on my '91 XR600. I'd like to do it myself if anybody has a guide to go by or some suggestions (I haven't done much four stroke work, I'm more of a two stroke guy). Otherwise, who should I send the head to to get some quality work. I'm not looking to make it a rocket, just want to liven it up a bit. Thanks,


Check this site mototuneusa they have something about porting

Travis_D37 has done some porting and may be able to do something for you. if you want to do it yourself, the simplest thing you could do is smooth out the intake/exhaust and polish it up a bit.

A while back I met a guy who was building a race bike and he had some material machined off the flywheel and said that it livened it up a hair.

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