WR400 Rear spring

Looking for a wr400 rear spring for my cousin's bike. Anyone have any suggestions on where to obtain one. We would like some type of progressive spring for a 180lb rider. I did a search in here and didn't find "wr400 rear spring" so I'm starting a new post. Thanks. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the heads up, but do they have a website or is there a preferred dealer (price wise) I should inquire with because I found some of their springs on partsunlimited.com, but only for ktm. I do the ATV thing, so I'm not familiar w/the bike vendors and aftermarket. Thanks.

Use their spring calculator. You'll likely want a 5.2 or 5.4 spring, p/n SRSP6228XX, $109 give or take. The TT store can get it to your buddy for likely the best price around...SC

I am big fan of the Race Tech web site and their services. However you might also like at http://eibach.com/ if they cannot help and/or you know the rate you want. I had to go this route for my 1983 CR480R.

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