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TT Rally in Colorado!!

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Hey guys and gals, over in the DRZ forum we have been working on what was originally a "DRZ Rally" over Labor Day weekend in and around Denver.

We have some cool things brewing for this, and want to share with as many people as possible. The TT Build Bike will be there, Bryan Bosch and Brian Wilson plan to be there, and more.

Here's then last tentative schedule post, so read up and plan to join us. We're looking for a head cound, so if you're coming, please post to the attendance stickey at the top of the DRZ Forum!

Hope to see you there!! :thumbsup::ride:


Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the following news and schedule for all to peruse:

Friday, September 1st - Nothing specific scheduled as yet, probably a Travel day for most.

Saturday, September 2nd - Open House at Excel Motorsports in Denver (Home of the World's Most Powerful DRZ's and Eddie Sisneros!) I'll let Eddie chime in with details of the happenings here.

Sunday, September 3rd - DRZ Day at IMI Motorsports Complex in North Denver (really it's in Erie www.imimotorsports.com is their rather limited web site, but it has a picture of the SM/Cart track and some other tidbits. This will be a grand day of both dirt and pavement riding for all skill levels. SM and Dirtbikes are welcome and invited. IMI has a couple of dirt/MX courses, the cart track, a dirt oval and lots of room (not alot of shade, but lots of room

Monday, September 4th - We can help plan a trail ride up in Rampart for this day, or for those who prefer, Sunday. (I personally can't imagine why anyone would miss the events at IMI, but to each his own.) We can do a repeat at IMI if people are interested, but I thought this could be a travel day for the long distance visitors you all will have to let me know.

So, make your plans, and take some time off. We'll be looking for you!

P.S. Don't forget to bring the family along!

More details to follow, soon!

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Sounds good here! We'll plan on making it to IMI on next Sunday. (Someone checked to make sure there aren't any races, right?)

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