04 wr450 needle procedure question

Just got my first Blue Machine. I LOVE It! :thumbsup:

But...I have noticed it "popping" when riding steady (no throttle) in just about any gear. The guy I bought it from added a power tip and increased the main jet a size or two and the pilot jet one size.

I think it is running a bit lean. I notice the backfire now and then on deceleration also.

I want to move the needle clip down one position...but this carb looks different than what I'm used to one the Honda's. Before I tear into it.. does anyone know if it takes any special tools specific for this type of carb?

Also, anyone have the procedure down to just move the needle clip? I searched the archives but didn't really see anything.

Thanks for the help.

It should be a standard Keihin carb unless the previous owner changed it to an Edlebrock or something. To change the needle...pull the seat and tank, loosen the bands on the intake and exhaust boot, rotate the top of the carb to the left as far as possible, and you should be able to get the top cap off and access the needle, two hex head bolts...no big deal. Once off, twist the throttle bringing the slide to the top and you'll see another hex bolt in the center of the slide. Take that off and you can grab the needle with a needle-nose plier or tweezer. Very simple operation. After a few times, you'll be able to do a complete jetting change in no time at all. I'm now at about 20 minutes, start to finish...SC

Thanks Guys...That helps out a lot!

I sure am glad that people are finding that tutorial useful.

I sure am glad that people are finding that tutorial useful.


That tutorial is fantastic. It gave me enough confidence to tackle my first jetting change.

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