thanksgiving ride stonyford

Mike the pies are gone dude!

Now down to the riding stories,what a day sunny warm and wet ground,best riding condtions all year.Howard what can I say if theres a rock larger then a WR he will jump it, this guy spends half the time in the air.We had Howard,Bob bitchin,Creg,Dan,and myself camping and Mike[roseville],John,big Dan[hondaXR650]Juston,Padon,Monty JR,and 5-to 6 others can;t remember there names but they were all good riders and fun,we got started about 10:00 friday morning lots of good singal track,and mud uphills,we were cutting down a singal track when Monty JR hits a tree, man KOed him off the bike,I think the tree pissed Howard off because he broke that sucker in half and pulled it off the trail.all in all we did about a 60 mile loop of fast and fun ridding and a great Thanksgiving dinner.Hope to put togeather

a new years camp out and ride.


The Thanksgiving trip was great. Good food and fast riders aplenty. Hopefully some of the other guys will post their stories from the weekend and don't forget the juicy details :) Rochelle is getting used to her 125L and had a great time.


What a sloppy mess some of those trails were. Miss a gear on a snotty uphill and forget about it. Couldn't keep traction with my boots. Start of the day and got so tired I lost most of my confidence for the rest of day. Hate when that happens. Poor Dan and the front flat tire fiasco. Dan comes to my house on Turkey night, states he can't go because he pinched a tupe putting on his new tire. (NEVER DO WORK ON A BIKE THE NIGHT BEFORE IT ALWAYS FAILS :) ) I convinced poor Dan to go anyway that we could get new tubes at the general store and that we had plenty of help to get his tire squared away. We failed. Two more tubes pinched. Actually we discoverd some small metal shavings that were the culpret. Finally gets the tire on at 3pm. Only an 1.5 hours to ride. Did about 18 miles. He drives 3 hours wrestles with the bike for 5 hours, rides for 1.5 hours then has to drive home with John and I talking about all the fun we had while he was laboring on his bike. Forgive us Dan. He was a good sport however. (Although I have not spoken with him in since the trip and he lives next door to me) Oh well. I had a great time as always, A little mud, ice and snow, some great riding, a little racing, Man Roberts yz 426 can fly. That bike moves. The yz 250 went off a fire road into the trees because he wasn't looking to where he should be going. Close call, broken ego. I love this place. Great dinner (Tri Tip Monty. 3hours cooking time, Monty's new receipe for those that want a quick meal :D ) See you all soon.


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Riding alongside bar to bar with Bob, 4th gear pinned grab 5th and twist till it can't twist anymore, turn with trees coming up looking over at Bob and wondering wether or not he is going to back off cause I'm not and then seeing him grab another gear and going o $#!t this could get ugly, backing it in to that turn at about 80 and making it WOW that was bitch'in :D Can't wait to do it again. Best day ever. Hope to see all of you New Years. Bob Bitch'in you da man :)

Well the wife & I went to Middle Creek on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time - about 65F, no dust, clear sky. Certainly much nicer than when we rode Stonyford in late July. We thought about riding over to Stonyford to see if we could meet up with you all but since we didn't start riding until 1 pm we forgot about that idea pretty quickly.

Glad to hear everybody had a good holiday & I hope to meet up with everybody at New Year's.

Howard, we really need to get the wives riding together.....


Hi brain

Hope you can make it on new years i need to show you the trails you misted last time when Ratso sent you down the wrong trails.My wife rides also and will be going that weekend howards wife is doing gerat on her new bike [TTR125] nothing but smiles.Are you going to camp or come up for the day? later in the month i'll get a count of who is camping so we can get a spot big enough.


Hey I'm up for New Years...I have to go back up there and retrieve my head off a branch. Hey did anyone hear if Huge ever landed from the jump at the bottom of Love Lady Ridge. The guy launched and I never saw him again. Monty you're an animal.

Hey Monty ! That was one of the best rides I've been on ever. As we came into Stonyford, I saw more campers than I ever thought could fit in there. I thought we would encounter a lot of head on traffic but Big Dan took us up through some 1st & 2nd gear single track that was awesome for a couple hours where nobody was riding . It was great trails with some real slick roots running acrost the trails. I think at one time or another those trees had somebody on the ground . At about mid-day we met up with Monty somewhere in the park (I was lost after potato hill only been there once). When we met up with Monty I think we had about 12-15 guys WRS ,YZS, KTMS,HONDAS,HUSKYS. from there we hit more single track and went into areas nobody even knows about not even any tire tracks from earlier riders (if monty left me I would never been able to find my way back). At that point some guys with small tanks had to go back. Then we started making our own trails to link up with other trails. It was an adventure crashing through trees and up hills, ended up having to back track aways to get back to known trails. Anyway ,it was a great ride about 5-6 hours with a lot of great people. I wish I could have stayed for the dinner and got to know everybody better. I want to give a special thanks to Howards dad for taking my boys out riding. Monty your #1 for putting this together and any one who thought about coming and didn't (socal eric) you missed out ! Can't wait till New Years and see where Monty will take us then (he knows these areas very well). Its a good thing I never crashed :)

hope to see every one New Years

Modesto Marty

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