Replacement Chain and sprockets

I'm looking for suggestions, I searched the archives and found none. Please help. Thanks

A DID 520VM X-Ring chain and steel sprockets would be a good choice in my opinion.

I agree with Ron 100% DID X-ring is great stuff - I run a sidewinder Ti/CrMoly but a standard steel would be just as good and 1/4 the price. Last forever (or nearly so) - and no stretch.

Ron and Mike are right on concerning the DID chain. Sproket recommendations depend on how you plan to use your bike If you are going to Dual Sport it then the 14/50 stock combo will do, If your going to MX it then I would recommend a 14/53 combo, and if you are riding it in the tight stuff (Woods/Scrambles) I would highly recommed the 13/53 Combination which makes it very comfortable in the woods by not having to shift constantly and making 5th gear a very usable woods gear without giving away all the top end.

Steel or Aluminum...user preference really. They are both going to wear, Aluminium is my choice because of the light weight. Renthal makes excellent chainwheels and the Steel or Aluminium seem to last about the same amount of time when the rear wheel setup is done correctly.

Hope this helps....Good luck.

Bonzai :)

Installed a stainless steel rear sprocket last year and it is worth every penny. Have been using Tsubaki O ring chains for some time, presently running an Omega Gold series. IMHO you cannot beat them.

DID X-Ring chains are the best. I've never heard anyone say anything negative about them from anyone that has used them.

I geared up for a last 1 hr ride of a beautiful autumn day felt & sounded like my tranny was slipping in some expen$ive grating way when I was powering over bumps.

Anyhooo.... as per Yamakazes tale of woe (I should have known) my front chain sprocket has literally exploded. There are only nubs where there once were teeth. I limoed home gently without any other damage.

Now I've heard suggestions that when you change chain you should change front & rear sprockets as well, but I have NOT recently changed chains.

Whats the scoop on ONLY changing the front sprocket and nothing else ? I guess some of you guys do it as you have 13/14/15 swaps from some of the reading I see.

Also, is there any risk that I have damaged the chain in any serious way ?


Missle Man,

The proper way to do drive hardware is change the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

With your chain at proper tension, pull on the chain at the rear sprocket (that would be on the rearward facing teeth @ 90 degrees. If you can expose half a tooth or more - chain is excessively stretched. In this case, fly back to Minneapolis, go to Bob's Cycle (and then Hooters) and get the kit.

If your chain is OK, just get the countershaft sprocket alone. I am running stock rear, with one tooth less up front. I have ZERO regrets - not too low and not too high.

Thanks for the help. I am currently running the 13 tooth front and stock rear like Kevin and I love it. So I will stick with that combo. I am mainlyinterested in which brands are most durable. I had sidewinder from Krause on my old YZ 490 and I don't remember any problems with it but that was a few years back. Who else makes stainless steel sprockets and are they worth the money? Thanks again

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