So I have a very complicated decision. I love hondas, and I currenty ride an xr100. Now for the silly part, I want either a 650L or 650R with a street kit as my next bike. I ride a lot of dirt roads, and will be getting my license next march, so ill be getting the biek then. I am currenty 5'5" and am 15... :ride:

I know I could consider a smaller bike, make that should consider, but honda doesnt offer much for street and trail bikes. Only the 650R, 650L and 400R are worthy for the road. I could also consider a drz400, but they seem to cheap, and I just cant really liek them no matter what I do, although I have never driven them. My uncle had a 2002 650L and I could tell its built better then a drz400.

But now for the two main problems.

1) As of right now Im too small for one. But in 6-8 months I might be quite a bit taller as Im still only 15.

2) People have told me that the power difference would be too much to handle from a 100 to 650R/L. I know it is quite the gap....

So what are your suggestions? Are there any smaller rideres riding a BRP? :thumbsup:

The 650's are quite significantly more powerful, however the power is easy to control. What you need to watch is the seat height and the weight of the bikes. Sit on one before you buy and then lean it over a tad to see if you can handle the height/weight. At 5'5" and probably a less than 28"? inseem, the problem is your size, not the bikes size. Any dirt bike with full suspension will be tall to you. Unfortunately, Honda doesn't have much to offer you in a street legal bike.

I think a DRZ would suit you fine. What don't you like bout them?

I rode one, not bad at all.

Even a older nice XR 250 would do and maybe be a better choice.

I should be atleast 5'8" by the time I go to actually buy one, and maybe Ill pork up over the winter. :thumbsup:

But I kind of figured that I can control the power...I dont really know what the personw as talking about that told me I couldnt.

Hopefully next year Ill be able to ride a 650 size/strength wise.

Another question, is the 650r and 650l a totally different bike if they where both stock, with the exception of the R being street legal?

I think a DRZ would suit you fine. What don't you like bout them?

I rode one, not bad at all.

Even a older nice XR 250 would do and maybe be a better choice.

Sorry didnt see this post,

I find they look cheaper and sluggish. Also I have had a xr70 and xr100, and my dad has had a few honda bikes too, I just cant seem to want to change to suzuki.


As for the XR250, Even if I could fine a nice 2002 one, Itd probably be too slow for the highway...Wouldnt it?

650R is the dirt bike, aluminum frame, liquid cooled, and +10HP and -50lbs compared to the L.

650L is street legal, E-start, basically as bullet proof as you can get.

Despite the weight and power differences, the L is still a capable bike in the right hands, and it still has TONS of torque. It's street legalality and E-start really make this bike the ONLY Honda choice in alot of states where legalizing an R is impossible.

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