I just stumbled on this - a lot of good info.

:thumbsup: Who knows, maybe he is a member on here? Lots to read.


You have lots of time on your hands.......don't you?

Yes I do. I'm in a research kind of mood.

Whoever wrote that is pretty full of himself.

a 70hp L ?



"My forte: Riding a street-legal dual-sport where nobody else would dare."

Bwuha-ha-ha-ha. Me and this guy have to ride. It'll probably kill us both, but the pics would be awesome!


"Want to gear the bike for dirt? Put on a 11-tooth front sprocket. You will need to remove a few links from the chain. You may also have to move the back wheel."



I just love the parts list.....

* Kawasaki mirrors – Yes, from a KLR 250. They are good tough mirrors and they stay put.

* 4 gallon fuel tank – The stock tank is too small and too heavy, period. Sell it on EBAY.

* Corbin seat – Their stock XR seat is great, but I suggest ordering the extra-soft Corbin version.

* Moose saddle bag – because you cannot get a video rental into the old vinyl bag.

* Moose engine guard – Because the stock frame guard does nothing against rocks.

* White Brother’s power up kit, and cam for a 20 bhp boost.

* Smog pump block-off kit – illegal and immoral in most states, 10 bhp boost

* K&N air filter – the stock one is fine, but not great. 1 to 2 bhp boost

* Any high performance chain – the stock one stretches too much

* Dynojet jet kit – 1 to 10 bhp boost

* Extra carburetor jets

* Extra metric screws and bolts

* Elmer’s wood glue – because I am cheap

* Any thread-lock like product (blue) – for carburetor applications

* A thin piece of aluminum sheet metal flashing – for the clutch lever rattle

* Some extra fuel line, clips, and extra mini fuel filter.

* Custom bar grips, because I like the skin on my hands to stay there

* Bar pad – Because I have been over the bars about a dozen times now.

20hp from a power up kit.....god damn, wish i woulda got them when i still had mine....

and the tools.....


Most of the tools you need can be found at Home Depot or Lowes. I did not use any really special tools to work on my bike. Here are a few of my favorites:

* Duct Tape

* Q-tips

* Wire ties – nylon or plastic

* Wood glue, yes, Elmer’s

* Mini metric wrenches set

* Mini pliars set

* Hex key set for socket wrenches

* Torque wrenches – I have three, but I would like to have four

* Common chain breaker – use a wire tie to install high performance o-ring links.

dont think ive ever used a q-tip on a bike or car or anything but an ear before......

ooooh and one last thing

Look! I sliced off the front fender because it wobbled at 90 MPH. I chopped off the rear reflector because it will not stop a 16 year-old girl from inserting her dad’s VW into your airbox.


I hadn't really looked it over much, it is pretty funny now that I see more info.

good lord!

"There is nothing you cannot do with a little Elmer’s glue, but be sure to ask your mechanic what chemicals are appropriate for the part you are working on. Here are some useful chemicals:"

"...Chain wax – Tastey"

-&%$#@!??? ooks like this guy tasted a bit too much of it.

"Now, there are a bunch of others, but let us not get over our heads here."

-for this guy, breathing might just be 'over his head'

"Bar pad – Because I have been over the bars about a dozen times now. "

-getting out of the parking lot can be a bitch sometimes, huh pal?

Modding your L is cool and really mandatory if your gonna offroad it at speed.


This dudes a joke ! 10hp from removing smog...ha ha ha

that alone shows hes full of crap...what a dingleberry

I would love to ride with him and show him the backside of my terraflex !!!!


It's an "L" thing! Some of you guys are just not there yet..........I am sure he can keep up with my bike with the right gearing, I am only at 71.5bhp @ the flywheel and 58rwhp on the dyno so he should just tourter me anywhere we would go. Great bike and with those tools he should be ready to race the Baja 1000 and not even need a pit crew!

I built the bike personally. It exists with nearly 20,000 miles on the OD.

Way to bring back a 3 year old thread!:thumbsup:

I never do anything alone, and there was a lot of help from a lot of people making various suggestions to build the Baddog 650L.

I did not build the motor. The top end was built in a race shop. The rest of it was built pretty much as it was described. The bike has an estimated top speed of about 130. I only had the nerve to get the bike up over 100 a few times as the bike is quite stable, but too tall for this speed. I still jump the bike regularly on the original suspension. I only occasionally tighten the spokes and change the tires and oil. I think that says it all.

If you want to know how to build one, write me. I have lots of good ideas that will send you in the right direction. I have put a lot of effort into three of these bikes. Each one was sure to be better than the last.

I have a few bike building skills, or at least my friends think so.

If you really are the person who created the content that spawned this thread and want to share your knowledge with the world, why don't you just put the website back up?

I built the bike personally. It exists with nearly 20,000 miles on the OD.

What bike are you talking about? I don't see a site...I don't believe a bike even exist?

The bike has an estimated top speed of about 130.


The site is down for now, I just did not have time to renew the name or re-post the site. The bike does exist. The bike is almost all red with black number plates, and a huge gold Honda logo on the side.

A local policeman who rides a Ducati took it for a spin one day and came back with a huge smile. I asked him how fast did he go. He said it pulled hard all the way to 80 before he shut it down. I asked him if he had another gear to go, and he nodded, so I guess that was a yes.

The RPM power range is somewhere up around 9000 so, you can pull and pull unlike the stock motor. There is a also a major low and high end change here.

The bike will idle up hills and accelerate. I remember the stock motor stalling under these conditions. So I would say whatever I did to the bike, it worked.

Give me a moment and I will show you the bike. :thumbsup:

Ok, the bike is in my profile. So, if anyone says I am full of it, well, you had better start turning wrenches.

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