ok i give up what do u think is wrong?

my 2000 yz426 is making a noise like a rock in a hub cap. i have had the magneto cover off. nothing wrong. have had the clutch side side cover off. again nothing wrong. any ideas as to whats wrong? :thumbsup:

This is far too vague to come up with a definitive answer.

ok forget i asked :ride::thumbsup:

ok forget i asked :applause::ride:

Don't get pissed at me because you didn't give enough info to help you out. :thumbsup:

i am mad at my self because i dont know how to explain it better. :thumbsup:

When is the last time you put a cam chain in it?

If the noise seems to be coming from the area of the water pump, I suggest you pull the right side crankcase cover and check the bolt holding the primary drive gear on. If it is the least bit loose, remove the bolt and check the square key holding the balancer gear in place. If my guess is right, the bolt has loosened, and the key is beat up and in need of replacement.

Don't ride it in this condition; you risk damaging the crank.

i havent ever. but was told the auto adjuster would eliminate any slack in the chain.

Unless your auto adjuster is all the way out because your cam chain is too loose for it too keep tight.

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