How tall are you?

Is THIS big? That's a KTM 300 being squished.


:thumbsup: that reminds me of my brother. He's 6'5" and makes every bike look small


I am 5'8"


6'4" 280lbs


5'10" And No Worries

Is THIS big? That's a KTM 300 being squished.


looks like your riding an 80 :thumbsup:


bike was fine for me stock, got my toes and the ball of my foot on the ground no problem. I installed a lowering link but did that for the g/f who wants to learn to ride it.

I like 'em tall.


Interesting: if you look at the factory specs for the R and the L, the L's seat height is actually two-tenths of an inch higher.

2/10 of an inch higher, with 1/2 or better shorter knobs. weird.

6'4"-225 lbs no gear

Thinking of a slight seat raise, maybe some memory foam on top, a inch or inch and a half! I've done the suspension, still sits the same as stock, but sure handles WAY better!

Bike looks small under me, have a buddy riding the same bike (a L as well) and he's 5'9" and struggles in the tight stuff, guess thats why he's got his yz. It's funny to see him do his rolling mounts!!

at 6'8" - 255lbs and 36" inseam - even with the 1" taller foam i can stand over the bike at stops flat footed. better, but still a tad bit small. I need to adjust the preload or something.

oh well - whatcha going to do? it's the best bike for us long legged bigger guys...


5'7" on a good day. :thumbsup:

6'7. flat footed with knees bent when sitting at a stoplight. I have the pastrana FMX bars but still need the get the submount for my Scotts stabilizer and that will raise the bars 1 1/2 inches. A tall seat and those 2 inch risers that are out there and I'll almost be comfortable when riding. :thumbsup:

WOW! most of you guys are good size fellas. I'm 5' 7" at 160lbs. I usually only put one foot down when stopped, because I could just barely tip-toe it. I had mine for 4 years and put over 9300 miles of mostly dirt riding on it. I never felt that it was an overly big bike except when I would dump it. Having longer legs would definitely help when you get off-balance. Wish I still had it, but it got stolen, so I replaced it with a XR400. It fits me better anyway.

I'm 6'6", have the BRP sub-mount with KX high bars.

I might give the Pastrana FMX bars a try, although they are a little narrower than regular bars. Hey BIGGITY, how do you like them?

I have a seat by Renazco Racing, awesome, way taller than stock. I need to post a pic so you tall guys can check it out.

Buy that bike & you won't live to see 16. I'm 6'1 & 200lbs. sometimes I can't keep my tweeked 600 under control.

6'2" Tall :thumbsup:

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