How tall are you?

6'3" tall, XRL fits me pretty well. My 93 is an inch taller than the newer ones. :thumbsup:

72 inches and if I had hair I'd be 73 inches :thumbsup:

6' even

6'3 here!

6'3" 260lbs.


bike was fine for me stock, got my toes and the ball of my foot on the ground no problem. I installed a lowering link but did that for the g/f who wants to learn to ride it.

I like 'em tall.

Woman or bikes ?


6'1", 205

Woman or bikes ?


Both! :ride:

6ft 1 here, got the suspension done, lengthened the shock, rear of guard up 40mm over stock, perfect fit.

6'1" 220. fits great :thumbsup:

6'5 220

6'8" 230#'s

6' 220#'s, this is probably why I hate the CRF450 and DRZ's, feels like I'm riding a kid's tricycle, I need a big bike with torque :thumbsup:


San Diego

3'7" i am very tall

6'5" 230#. 650l.


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