hard starting

i just got back from basic training this summer and now when i go to start my 2002 yzf 426, it wont start. I have to coast start it. Once it is warmed up it will start fine, but if it sets for an hour i have to coast it again. I changed the plug and its got brand new 94 octane gas in it. It started fine when i left. I didnt know if the valves might need adjusted or what. Any help is appreciated.

well there may be a easer solution to your problem. but it may be that you valves have to be reshimed. but i am not sure. may be your air filter is dirty

Start with checking your valve clearance. Tight intakes will cause this. If that doesn't do anything for you, ask yourself if the choke seems like it's working (does it make a difference when it's on, or not?). If not, your problem might be a clogged starter jet in the carb, or something similar.

just run it alot and try and blow the crap out of it that is there from sitting for the 15 weeks

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