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Logan Farm AGP Cross Country/Pit Bike Race Aug 19th & 20th

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It’s time for round #9 of the Atlantic Grand Prix series and we’re back at the Logan Farm in Virgil NY! This is a natural terrain motocross style event.

For all of you that missed the first one here’s your chance to finally ride it again and for those that did...I’m sure you’ll all be back.

The event is scheduled for the weekend of Aug 19th & 20th if you want to see pictures of the course: click here!

Adult and Youth Motorcycles as well as Pit Bike races on Saturday August 19th

Adult and youth Quads on Sunday August 20th

Now I’m sure a lot of you are still asking yourselves what the Atlantic Grand Prix is all about and why don’t we call it a Hare Scrambles?

Well to begin with our events are run just like the GNCC’s...same rules, same classes...only difference is we run the bikes on Saturday and the Quads on Sunday.

Yes, we’re smaller, but we’re also focused on helping the rider and we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

You won’t find all that petty politics that you’ll find at local club events...just clean, fun racing!

Our sign-up is fast and we don’t have long lines and scoring is fast because it’s all done electronically.

If your tired of the same old, same old, or if all the petty politics is beginning to get you down, maybe it’s time you tried an Atlantic Grand Prix event.


Hope to see you all at the Logan Farm

Dale Freitas

Director of The Atlantic Grand Prix Series

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Note to riders...Norm has made a few changes to the track:

1) Going to be run backwards.

2) Completely different Grass Track ..instead of a couple of really long sections, It will be split up with trips into the woods.

3) The new WOODS sections used to split the grass track is additional trails not used in the last race. Couple of really technical sections...bring your bark busters and think riding in and out of a couple of tight gullys with water running down the middle. WYNOA folks will like it...if we get negative feed back here we can soften that section a bit.

4) More "meadows" with elevation changes so the MX'ers have a place to catch up after the new tight stuff...

5) A new mud hole or two..maybe three. :thumbsup:

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Last AGP, I was off camping.

During this one- maine.

wait, my wife planned both, a conspiracy??!?


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For all those going up to race the amateur Broome Tioga nationals this weekend you might want to checkout the Atlantic Grand Prix Series which is running one of our cross country races only 20 minutes from Broom Tioga track on Saturday.

These might be the best cross country races anywhere in the east and all of our tracks are awesome!

We run PeeWee, Youth and Adult Motorcycles on Saturday and Youth and Adults Quads on Sunday.

All of our events are very motocross friendly, with wide grass tracks and very wide woods roads.

The race is 1hour and 30 minutes long for the motorcycles and a lot of the regional top pro motocrossers will be there.

It's a lot of fun and it's not your traditional woods hare scrambles race...we don’t run tight woods trails!

The course is about 7+ miles in length.

We are also going to be having a pit bike race Saturday afternoon around 3:00 so bring that thing as well.

For more information go to: http://www.atlanticgrandprix.com

It’s a very cool race!

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The course is shaping up nicely..... As Walter said, a few more tighter woods sections for the bikes and the quads will stay out of the tightest stuff. Ride the GP Saturday, IDR Speedsville Enduro Sunday(just 20 minutes away) and catch the last moto at MX National a Broome-Tioga(20 minute from Speedsville). Motorcycle madness! :thumbsup:


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