WANTED 2000 XR 600 red oem tank

I need a OEM 2000 XR 600 red tank. The newer the better and hopefully with the stock decals.


I have a 2005 XR650L tank that has never had gasoline in it. It was a takeoff on a new bike. I know the dealer wants $511.42 for it but I would part with it for considerably less. I have lots of parts for an XR650L that I am getting ready to put on e-bay (like a frame with a clear title for a 2000 model year).

Doh!!! :thumbsup: I just tossed mine in the dumpster. My steed got stolen back in January, but I kept all of the take-off parts for several months until I got tired of them taking up space. I should have known that one day, somebody would need it.

Thanks for all the responses. I need a OEM red tank for a 2000 XR 600R not a 650R or L.

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damn too bad you didnt ask for this like 2 months ago i painted mine desert camo if you want you could peel the paint off of it. doesnt matter to me i want all black everything anyhow


The fellow wants an OEM (not an Acerbis), xr600 (not xr650 or xl600), year 2000 (not 2002). Year 2000 was the only year that, Honda made a red tank for the modern xr600. There are two ways of getting a new one: Clarke (horrible fit, I'll sell mine cheap!), and Honda OEM...the latter is the way to go, it comes with the oem decals already in place. If someone really wants my brand new, but lousy fitting Clarke "OEM" red tank, email me at dhthorpe@earthlink.net. $75 plus shipping takes it. Not a scratch on it, it fits so badly, I wouldn't even take it out for a first ride. There are those who claim that Clarke tanks fit perfectly. To those people, I say: buy mine!

I guess its time to order a OEM 2000 XR 600R tank.

Exaresix I hate clark tanks as well they fit lousy and are not the same quality as a oem tank

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