rich or lean?

How do you tell if a bog is a rich or lean one? I did the bk mod on a '00 426 but it still bogs badly. I went smaller on the pilot because I couldn't make it die when turning the screw all the way in. It idles pretty good at about 2-2.5 turns out. Just wondering which direction to go.

Use this for testing the pilot may have to turn your idle up as well. Do you have an easy adjust pilot (fuel) screw? If not, get one. It male tuning your carb much easier.

normally a bogg is a lean condition. i would use the old pilot do the test correctly and go from there. a quicker way to test rich/lean cindition is tape the air box and see if it helps or gets worse. tape off maybe half of the air box but not all. if it feals better than you are lean. if it gets worse you are rich.

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