gasket sealing question.. case is buggered- help

Alright.. I finally decided to install a highout stator on my 600R after dealing with weak lights etc.. on baja designs kit.

Ok.. so I take the case cover off and begin to install the new stator.. Meanwhile my neighbor boy, who is always bored and looking for something to do, decides to help (1st mistake).. I asked him to carefully remove the old gasket pieces from the case... I sprayed it with remover and gave him a safety razor... Not sure how but he manage to nick the HELL OUT OF MY CASE... So I think hmm. enough sealer should still be ok... HELL NO...leaks like crazy.. ok I pull it off and smooth the surfaces with emery cloth and it looks decent (I am still a little ticked).

My question:

What is the best gasket sealer to use for this case?????? I really don't care about cost and it has to compensate for my dingus neighbor boys nicks...

Try Threebond white, I use it on all my engines and its the best sealer i've come across. Has he damaged the surface on the cover or the crankcase? If its just the cover you can take it to a machine shop and get it surfaced.

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