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Help with muscle strain recovery

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When I broke my humerus, the fracture was about 20% of the pain, the rest came from a grade 3 muscle strain that occured due to my arm being twisted in an odd position at high speed (I was basically pinned into the ground and only area not protected was the arm).

The pain was so severe I first thought the fracture had gone through. I also passed out in the X Ray room, and that has nothing to do with being a wimp or whatever, pain can be so intense, it forces a "brain reboot".

Now more than 6 months after the accident, including 3 months of therapy, the arm is still painful, but the pain is receding, also because I am giving myself a good strength and cardio program to get back into shape. Have been doing that for about 3 months now.

I realized that the stronger my arm becomes (my biceps had basically melted away during the immobilization phase), the more the pain disappears. But it still bothers me at time and there is a lump at where the muscle got torn (in a grade 3 strain it does not tear all the way, for which I feel grateful). I also lost some range of motion, due to the nerve being shorter, and I work this on my own with a rope, pulling my arm upward in my back.

I would like to know if anybody has had the same issue before, so I know if I can regain most of my strength in the end. I know my left arm will never be as strong as it was, but 90% of the original strength (age factored in) will be good enough. Also is it normal to have a small lump like that and does it disappear? Is there anything more that I can do, for instance E-Stimming, massaging or whatever?

I stopped the Physical Education program when it came to its official end and I was advised to exercise my arm, which I did. But I feel that I need to do more! Massaging does not do anything anymore, plus I have become allergic to the Tiger Balm (sad, cuz it worked well).

Any help would be great!

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I am no doc and won't give any advise and pretend I know what I am talking about. However I have had a few injuries in my life.

The one that comes to mind is a horseback riding injury. I was out with my wife and my mother-n-law called and wanted to know if we wanted to come by the stables. We did but I didn't have boots and rode anyway in regular shoes, big mistake.

Anyway the horse always bucked when I would reign him and I am use to that no big deal. Anyway this time he did it in a turn and I was off guard and he threw me to the side. With my foot in the sturip all of my weight came down on it with my ankle at a 90 degree angle.

Anyway my entire foot was black and blue and I pulled the muscles on the outside of my leg half way up.

Of course the bruising and such went away in about a month or so but I suffered with the muscle and tendon type injury for about 2 years. Even just walking it would constantly get tight and I was always stretching it. Jogging was even worse as the activity would have it locked up in no time.

I don't even think about it now but it did take a long time for the muscle and such to heal... They can take much longer than bone.

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