hot start lever is stuck

I have a 04 yz 450f and my hot start lever just stuck and i can not get it to open. i have lubed it. Is this a common problem or am i just lucky. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you checked that the plunger isn't stuck? It's good to lube it regularly but be careful that you don't strip the thread on the plastic cap.

It's very possible that if it isn't the lever, it's the plunger. Take that guy off and inspect and lube it. If it still doesn't work, check the carb where the plunger goes to see if it needs some lovin'.

Likely a stuck plunger. It happens because water intrudes into the plunger bore, usually while washing, and then sits and corrodes the aluminum around the plunger, freezing it in place.

Pull the tank and open up the top of the hot start assembly at the carb (you'll want to disconnect the lever end of the cable). Put a good strong penetrating solvent (WD40 is a waste of time) on top of the plunger and let it try to work for a while. Then see if you can work it loose. Be careful, it's brass, and it will break. In extreme cases, you'll have to drill it, thread it, and pull it.

Once out, You have to remove ALL of the corrosion with a stiff plastic or brass brush (like a pistol barrel brush), or it will "grow back".

You can prevent this from happening again, or in the first place, by either of three methods. The first is never to get the bike wet, but we'll say that's not practical. Alternatively, you can put waterproof grease on the plunger after each ride. Or, you can do what I do, which has worked for nearly two years, and that is to start the bike after washing it and while the choke is still on, pull the hot start and let it run that way for 20-30 seconds to draw water out of the passageway, if any is there. Push the choke off and rev the engine a few times, pulling the hot start when you let off the throttle to expose the passageway to even higher vacuum. Since I've been doing this, mine has never stuck.

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