DS safety

Well I just finished a few last minute preps getting ready for tomorrow's ride, which is all on public roads. Thought my rear turn signals were a little dim. Removed the amber lenses & was surprised how dirty they were on the inside. A good cleaning with a damp rag has them much more visible ( I have the BD DSK). Got me thinking about safety. I'm no longer single, racing bikes & basically riding balls out all the time. Now I've got a wife, kids, job mortgage, etc. I just want to be as visible as possible out there. Short of wearing a neon green tuxedo I want as visible as possible within reason. I recently posted questions about LED replacement bulbs in hopes that they are brighter with the added bonus of requiring less wattage. A friend today told be they indeed are but are pretty spendy. He said a 1157 equivalent replacement LED is like $40! I think I'll just go to the local NAPA & see if they have a brighter single element bulb that will fit the stock signals. Anyhoo if anyone out there has any other "bright" ideas I'd be interested. Be careful out there!

Here is a link to some http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Led.html

I replaced my 1157 trailer light with a whole 64 led tail light assembly and they were 25 a piece verses 9.00 for a 1157 assembly so they are not too much more considering they are never supposed to burn out.

The problem with just replacing the 1157 bulb, with a LED module that fits in place of the 1157, is that they don't seem to point right. Bulbs put out light in all directions, but the LEDs are focused. Most 1157 LED modules have the LED pointing axially. This will not work with my tail light, as mine has the bulb sideways, not pointing straight back.

I have had very poor luck with bulbs. They never seem to make it through a single ride. I bought 100 red and 100 yellow LEDs on ebay, and I'm doing my own retrofit.

So it sounds like some other mods to the wiring are necessary to provide long life for replacement LEDs? Some sort of voltage reduction or something?

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