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WR450 - DIY Suspension upgrades

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Evening all.

I recently spent some time cruising the suspension forum looking at options to work with my suspension - 05 WR450

I am running it stock and after working with the clickers its ok but I reckon it could be better.....

theres not really anything wrong with them - i just want to fiddle and make them better.

Like I say I have read some interesting stuff but not learnt much that will help me.

I weigh around 200 pounds geared up and ride mainly open trails with a little tight stuff - lots of whoops and bumps and the occasional enduro or desert race (sand is common).

What have you guys done to your WR's?

What parts with what results?

I have worked on forks, seals, valves etc so am looking for a few ideas which will improve them.


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what nobody has done any work on their shocks?

nobody has anything done?

what did you have done? why? what impact did it have?

come on guys - i am going to service my forks during the next week and want to experiment - springs I understand - valves, shims etc I don't so share the good work.

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I am basically "new" at suspension stuff. Like most others, I spent too much time worrying about pipes and carbs. I also spent a lot of time worrying about going down because I couldn't turn at speed. Now I am into the "important" stuff.

I am not ready to commit to $1k for a full suspension. So last week, I ordered and installed .48 front and 5.6 rear springs for my 210lb fat ass. I cross checked the spring sizes on www.mx-tech.com. They ask for riding weight with gear instead of just rider weight. I think that racetech estimates 15-18lbs for gear.

I put in the springs, easy job and then set the sag correctly for the first time. Apparently my prior sag was low, which explained my frequent soil sampling. Now the bike feels great. I have only took it out briefly, but I can now really the difference. Its a lot better and I have much more confidence.

I am going out this weekend to get more familiar with the clicker settings and what I like. After that I will try adjusting the oil to dial things in better.

After taking the forks apart, I can see that it is not that difficult. You just need the right tools and the motopower video.

However, replacing the valve and tuning with shims seems to be an art form all on its own. I am definitely not ready for that and would leave it to a professional.

But first, I am going to get used to the bike being properly sprung and the race and free sag set correclty. It feels like an entirely different bike.

Be sure to weigh yourself with your gear. In my case, that included my boots helmet, pads, AND my backpack with 70oz of gatorade, a tuna sandwhich, and about 6-7lbs of tools. I learned that I was carrying about 25-30lbs of gear.

Set your sag with this suff on as well. It made a big, big difference.

after I get better, then I will try to see if I need more than what I have. But for now, new springs and correct chassis setup is what I am starting.

I have an 05 wr450 also, I will glady share and exchange info with you. Maybe we both can learn.

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sounds good - let me know how you go - especially when you start to learn about valves/shims etc.

the forks are definately not hard to work on.

from mx-tech

Stock Spring Rates:

Fork: 0.46 kg/mm

Shock: 5.3 kg/mm

Recommended Spring Rates:

Fork: 0.45 kg/mm

Shock: 5.4 kg/mm

Recommended Springs:


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