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FCR on 05sm

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Just bought an fcr39mm on ebay, I been told it came of an E not sure what year.

It's going onto my 05 sm which has air box mod jetting and a yoshi slip-on.

This is what I have purchased.




I'm pretty confident sorting out the jetting or finding out what it has from the great instructions in the technical section. I would just like a little advice on the jetting due to me only having a slip-on rather then a full system.

I am planning to install it myself but I could do with a list of parts I might need before trying.

Can i use my old throttle cables? Is the stopcock the same?

Much appreciated

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you need

E model intake manifold w/clamp

E throttle cables

E air boot w/small clamp

E vacuum fitting for the cylinder head

jetting will be

165 main jet

stock dxp needle

5th clip

stock 45 pilot jet

2.5 turns fuel scre

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Thanks a lot burned,

I'll get those bits on order today.

What kind of increase in performance am I likely to get? Will the fact that i have a slip-on hinder things a little?

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